Donate Stock

Donating stocks or securities allows you to deduct the full market value of the securities for income tax purposes – just as if you had made a cash donation. The added advantage is that you’ll eliminate paying capital gains taxes for which you would be responsible if you sell the assets instead. Even if you exceed the maximum allowable deduction in the year of the gift, you may be able to extend the deduction over five more years. The transfer is easy. Anyone wishing to make a stock donation should request that his/her broker transfer the security to the broker listed here:


Contact:  Julie Fender at Merrill-Lynch Wealth Management
Phone:  704-705-3288
Account #7GC02031

DTC# 5198


Please notify Administrative Assistant Beth Galen of the specific stock being donated so that we can trace the gift. Occasionally, stock is transferred to our account without any information relating to the donor. Obviously, we can’t acknowledge the gift if we don’t know the source. Thank you.