Operation Sandwich

We serve 800 sandwiches most days of the year – that’s almost 300,000 sandwiches on an annual basis. We appreciate your donation, whether it’s 50 sandwiches or 800.

  • Sandwiches can be delivered Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:00pm, or Saturday-Sunday 9:00am-12:15pm.
  • Use either white or soft whole wheat sandwich bread, no heels please.
  • For meat sandwiches, use ham, turkey, roast beef or bologna. If meat is sliced really thin, use a couple slices. Adding a slice of cheese is nice too.
  • Please do not put mayonnaise or mustard on sandwiches. Individual packets of condiments are a great idea if you would like to donate those as well. Peanut butter and jelly is enjoyed by neighbors, but we cannot use more than 800 at once, and it doesn’t hold up well over night (so delivery before lunch is ideal).
  • The neighbors love egg salad!
  • Pimento cheese is NOT well received by the neighbors.
  • It is ideal to put sandwiches in individual baggies but not necessary. Please feel free to use the least-expensive sandwich bags — no need for zip locks.  You can stack the assembled sandwiches inside the bread bag.
  • Please keep meat/cheese sandwiches refrigerated.

Your donation makes a difference…thank you.

Operation Sandwich Song – composed and performed by Fourth Graders at Providence Spring School!

Schedule Your Donation

Please fill out our Group Volunteer Form and note “Operation Sandwich” in the memo field. You will receive an email from our Volunteer Coordinator with further scheduling information.

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