Community Education


We’ve learned a lot about poverty and homeless in our 19 years, and we’d like to share it with you and your friends, your congregation or synagogue, your business and with others in the human service field here in Charlotte.  Community education is part of our mission, both here onsite and around the community and it is an important part of what we do.  We hope one of our many flexible formats meets your needs.  


Faces of Homelessness Panel:

Spend an hour learning about a neighbor’s experience with homelessness first hand. This is a face-to-face story with Q&A to help our community learn about the issues facing those experiencing homelessness. The program can be held here at UMC and be paired with a tour or with other service opportunities. We are also able to come to you! Check out this blog entry about the Faces of Homelessness Panel.

Email Christine DeLia.

My Name is Rachel:

This is a 90 minute exercise that, using scripture and the story of Rachel, examines the responsibility we have to help our neighbors (the homeless population). By analyzing a homeless individuals biography and discussing each situation step by step, this program helps the participants better understand the circumstances of the homeless and, more importantly, how we can help. This program can be held at UMC or at your location.

Email Paul Hanneman to schedule.

Walk in My Shoes:

This is a homeless simulation that lasts anywhere between one and a half to two hours depending on the assignments given. During this simulation, each group is asked to adopt the identity of a person experiencing homelessness and to “walk in their shoes,” by visiting several agencies and locations around the Urban Ministry Center. The exercise is very safe and each group is accompanied by a seasoned staff member or volunteer. The purpose of this exercise is to help each group comprehend the everyday difficulties of the homeless, the physical demands of walking from location to location, the frustration of homelessness, the barriers faced by our neighbors and the incredible strength and complexity of these people.

Email Paul Hanneman to schedule.

Framework for Understanding Homelessness:

This is a two-hour workshop exploring assumptions about people who are homeless and examining proven strategies for ending it in Charlotte. Using first-hand accounts from people who have experienced homelessness in Charlotte, participants find out what it’s like to live on the streets of our city and what options are available to end homelessness. This workshop can be provided at UMC or your location.

Email Paul Hanneman to schedule.

Bridges Out of Poverty:

A powerful, multi-faceted program to address the core issues that make and keep people poor.  Bridges is a national program tailored for the Charlotte area. This seminar is six hours and reveals the profound differences between the survival-based culture of poverty, the achievement-based culture of middle class, and the connections-based culture of wealth. It shows how to build relationships across cultures that help people in poverty move toward economic stability. The seminar is free, except the one-time cost of the book, Bridges Out of Poverty.  

Email Paul Hanneman to schedule.

 Speakers’ Bureau Topics:

  •  The Urban Ministry Center and Its Programs
  •   Homelessness and Poverty in Charlotte
  •   Practical Ways to Make a Difference

Email Paul Hanneman, Program Director, or call him directly at 704-926-0612.