• Is Urban Ministry Center a shelter?  No, we are a day center for the homeless.  We coordinate Room in the Inn, an emergency winter shelter program hosted at local congregations and schools, from December through March.   Mecklenburg County’s Housing Specialist, Megan Coffey, has her office here, 704-926-0617.  She is able to assist those clients who have an income source.  A good resource in terms of a database of rentals properties in Charlotte: www.socialserve.com
  • Do you accept clothing donations?  We do not have storage capacity to accept clothing donations here and usually refer donations to Crisis Assistance Ministry Center, 704-371-3000, ext 137.    This is where the neighbors here get their clothing needs met.
  • My church wants to help with Room in the Inn.  How do I find out about that? Contact Program Director Paul Hanneman.
  • Do you provide housing?  We have a program called HousingWorks, which supplies permanent supportive housing for disabled chronically homeless people.  Please email Director Caroline Chambre for information.
  • Where are the shelters?  Charlotte has two year-round shelters:  Salvation Army Center of Hope, 704-348-2560, for women/children and some intact family rooms for single fathers or married couples with children.  Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, for men only: 704-334-3187.
  • Does Urban Ministry have money for rent or utilities?  No, the main resource for emergency financial assistance is Crisis Assistance Ministry,  704-371-3001.
  • How is Urban Ministry funded?  We raise our funds through private donations, and we are not a United Way recipient agency.  We receive limited government funding for HousingWorks, our permanent supportive housing program. View our 990 and more on Guidestar.org, a free clearinghouse of information about all nonprofits. You can also contact our Development Office  for more information.
  • Why do you call the people who come to you for help, your “neighbors?”  We are grounded in the belief that we are all each others neighbors, thereby providing a “ministry of presence,” a sense of community and hope. 
  • How many homeless people are there in Charlotte? The Urban Ministry Center uses the annual Point-in-Time Count to determine the number of homeless people in Mecklenburg County on any given night.  According to the January 30, 2013 count, that number is 2418 (includes 738 children).  There are 933 individuals still chronically homeless in Charlotte.  Since 2010, UMC has identified 1149 chronically homeless individuals in our community.  Thanks to programs like HousingWorks, 200 have been housed.  16 have passed away.  These figures underscore the urgent need for more permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless (defined as those who have been homeless for more than one year or more than four times in the past three years). 

Please email us with your additional questions. 

Thank you.